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Rent Strike

Anxious about paying rent?

Oakland’s housing crisis is not a new phenomenon, COVID-19 added insult to injury.

Over 3 million Americans have filed for unemployment since this crisis began.

You are not alone, Oakland Rent Strike Committee is here to help.


Rent Strike

Faced with the choice between paying for food, healthcare and other essentials, and handing over a check for overpriced and overcrowded housing, we do what we must for our families to survive. Keeping our rent is the only option tenants have to uphold our right to housing during the crisis. We do not plan on ever paying the rent back. Instead, we want it to be forgiven. 


What Strikers Say

What Can You Do?

Support Us

Small landlords can join us by forgiving their tenants’ rent, standing with us against large real estate capital, and demanding action from our elected officials together. Those who are able to pay but withold rent in solidarity are also extremely beneficial!

Join Us

Out of this moment we envision a broader shift in our housing system. These are not individual problems. This can serve as a turning point if we take our isolated struggles and transform them into collective power.

Ask Us

Please, feel free to use us as a resource for information regarding legislation and housing actions in Oakland, CA.

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