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Our Demands to Elected Officials

As our nation grapples with rapidly rising numbers of COVID-19 infections, states across the country are confronting major challenges in limiting the spread of the virus as well as in mitigating the devastating financial effects that this pandemic is taking on individuals, families, businesses, and the economy as a whole. At a time when millions of jobs have been lost, leaders from all levels of government have a responsibility to do everything within their power to protect our communities, particularly the unhoused and housing-insecure populations.

Our demands vary by the power of the official, but they essentially boil down to two core items:

  • We demand a universal right to housing.
  • We demand rent forgiveness and rent suspension during this time of crisis and the recovery period.

These resources draw from the work of organizers and advocates across the country.

Demands to the Governor

What Governors must do right now.

Demands to Local Officials

What Mayors, City Councils, County Boards, Sheriffs, and Courts must do right now.

Demands to The Legislature

What the California Legislature must do right now.

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