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Rent Strike Toolkit

Get mad. Then get organized.

It is natural in this moment to feel scared, to feel sad, to feel angry. Instead of letting those feelings overwhelm you, we can use them to organizer for the world we want to live in.

As our nation grapples with rapidly rising numbers of COVID-19 infections, states across the country are confronting major challenges in limiting the spread of the virus as well as in mitigating the devastating financial effects that this pandemic is taking on individuals, families, businesses, and the economy as a whole. At a time when millions of jobs have been lost, leaders from all levels of government have a responsibility to do everything within their power to protect our communities, particularly the unhoused and housing-insecure populations.

Power Map

Understand who makes decisions and what they can do.

Talking Points

Get everyone on the same page with a strong message.

Letter to Landlord

Explain the strike to your landlord and invite them to join the fight.

A Brief History

Unpacks what a rent strike is and how it’s worked (powerpoint).

Letter to Congress

Demand action on the federal level using this template demand letter.

Letter to Council

Demand action of city/county boards using this template letter.

Letter to Courts

Demand action of local courts using this template letter.

Letter to Governor

Demand action on the state level using this template demand letter.

Letter to Sheriff

Demand action of law enforcement using this template letter.

Letter to Mayor

Demand action of local government using this template letter.

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